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Visit Xicotepec

Situated on the northern mountain range of Puebla, approximately 3 hours away from the capital of the state is Xicotepec de Juarez, a land of rituals and coffee that earned its recognition as a Magical Town in 2012.

This splendorous municipality is known among its visitors because it’s a breath of fresh air as it offers a different alternative for the traveler that needs a scape from the big city. Xicotepec is an important coffee producer, so any traveler can taste and delight with this aromatic beverage as well as purchase artisanal products and souvenirs made out of its seed.

Tourist Attractions in Xicotepec, Puebla:

  • Zocalo/Main Square: This visit is a must during your stay in Xicotepec. You’ll admire the central garden and the lovely kiosk, plus, you’ll find a great variety of cafeterias to taste the real coffee of Xicotepec.
  • Parish of San Juan Bautista: It’s located on Xicotepec’s Iturbide Street. Its gothic style is similar to the one boasted in the Paris Cathedral, so it’s a beautiful attraction that you cannot miss.
  • La Xochipila Ceremonial Center: This ceremonial center is the most important vestige of the pre-Hispanic city of Xicotepec. Every year on June 24, ethnic groups from all over Puebla gather to honor San Juan Bautista with a celebration full of flowers, food and magic.
  • Virgin of Guadalupe on the Tabacal Hill: This is a monumental figure, probably the world’s largest Virgin of Guadalupe (it reaches 30 meters high) and it’s visible from any place in the city.
  • Casa Carranza: It’s a museum dedicated to the memory of Venustiano Carranza, since his body was kept here for three days after his assassination in Tlaxcalantongo. You can find historical information, pictures and interesting objects regarding Carranza’s life.